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Return Poilcy

30-Day Money Back Guarantee:

American and Canadian pallet and truckload orders 

Stoneshub.comhas a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for customers in the United States and in Canada buying in pallet and truckload quantities, ensuring your complete satisfaction. You can return your product for any reason within 30 days of delivery and get a full refund of material price .The product must be returned in its entirety and in the same condition as when it arrived at your site and it must not have been installed, removed and then returned. We will arrange pick-up of the product at no cost to you. This guarantee applies to all regular products only and does not apply to custom made and special orders. tracks all shipments from its hubs/supplier to final destination. Our logistics experts monitor your shipment though all stages of delivery and are available to assist you with any inquires while your order is in transit. 
Please click here to view tracking information on your orders.

Overseas container-load orders

You may cancel your container-load order and receive a full refund up until you approve the Inspection Report. To ensure you get the product you expect, we provide 100% inspection of your container order. Once you have approved the Inspection Report, your now completed order is transferred from our factories to the shipping company. At this point, it is too late to cancel or change your order. petitive delivery costs on all their orders. negotiates substantially lower freight costs due to its worldwide shipping volume. These savings are reflected in our all inclusive purchase price. You may wish to understand the breakdown of the logistics involved.

What's involved in your product delivery? 
From manufacturer pick up and through all delivery stages to the designated destination, we take care of everything for our customers, including insurance on lost or damaged goods in transit. Wherever required, covers the following logistics operations:

• Export Customs Clearance (trucking from factory to vessel), 
• Cargo Storing (if required at the terminal), 
• Container Assignment (attaching a specific container to a steamship line), 
• Customs Clearance (at the port of arrival), 
• Examinations (Cargo inspections are now frequently required.), 
• Demurrage (storage charges incurred for detained containers), 
• Letter of indemnity (in event of discrepancy).

Costs paid by and invoiced to customer: 

• Duties (where charged by governments), 
• Merchandise processing fee (charged by Customs), 
• Brokerage and other charges (administrative fees involved in Customs clearance), 
• In North America, delivery to final destination (any zip code or postal code in United States or Canada).

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